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The latter turn to YouTube in order to create a community there and to have regular advertising income. The founder of Byte therefore sees in this monetization project the possibility of retaining its talentd and known users. Besides, Byte will choose its creators to start. This pilot program is in any case currently under study. very soon, we’ll introduce a pilot version of our partner program which we will use to pay creators. byte celebrates creativity and community, and compensating creators is one important way we can support both. stay tund for more info.not close the door to publicity.

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An he is aware that it remains very difficult to be able to survive without advertisements. However, his primary intention is to start his project without the help CMO Email Lists of sponsord ads. “We are considering the possibility of introducing advertising revenue sharing. But, we will start with our own funds.  Don Hofman To conclude It is obviously very premature to decide on this project to take over the concept of Vine. Dom Hofmann is making a huge bet, knowing that applications like Snapchat, Instagram and in particular, TikTok, are already well installd and appreciatd by users.

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Nevertheless, the memories creatd by its prdecessor, Vine, will perhaps help attract creators, and users. This is why we are discussing with you today the BQB Directory arrival of this application. Your digital agency specialists will be able to direct your SMO strategy on this new network when the ads are rolld out. So be attentive to Byte’s progress, and don’t hesitate to contact them ! UPDATE : On February 1 , Dom Hofmann announcd the first commercial in collaboration with Nike. We mentiond this point to you, and the creator of Byte decidd to take action on the advertisements, faster than one could imagine. Still, this first sponsord announcement only confirms the very encouraging first steps of the American application.

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