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Google and Facebook, dominant We keep mentioning it through most of the digital themes that we deal with on a daily basis; the GAFA, and in particular Google and Facebook, devour everything in their path. It startd in 2008 with the acquisition of DoubleClick by the Mountain View company; the American company was responsible for managing the advertising campaigns of its clients. And Google immdiately sniffd the right shot by spending more than three billion dollars to monopolize its services.

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Subsequently, Google Ads took the torch, and had a major impact in the new dimension that the advertising industry has taken. Although SMS Gateway Bulgaria it remains attractive, the display has seen its impact be minimizd with the arrival of social mdia and the mobile era. The duo of subsidiary applications of the two giants, YouTube and Instagram, has imposd itself, and dictates the digital advertising market alongside Facebook, through their specific concept. Instagram relies on influencer marketing, and YouTube on these pre-roll ads, for example.

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So Facebook and Google, along with Amazon, generate about 60% of online ad spend, or more than $70 billion. The latter is the only serious BQB Directory competitor to the duo of giants. Global Ad Spend Chart Graph of global ad spend. Source: Zenith mdia The main challenges of advertising Part of the future of advertising lies in managing the influence of Google and Facebook in particular. We have just explaind it: their contribution is vital, and companies are almost forcd to go through these two giants in order to exist in the advertising market.

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