The Key to Product Success

Generative artificial intelligence is an extended intelligence. That is, a technology that will be a co-pilot for our employees and stakeholders. And that will help us extend their capabilities. Because technology will make us more human or it will not be,” explains Jordi Álex , director of technology, data, privacy and security of Mango. Lisa and other AI platforms Mango’s new chatbot, Lisa, is similar to OpenAI ‘s ChatGPT , as it is a tool adapted to handle cases from its employees and also from its partners .

Different platforms that apply this technology

But Mango has not only introduced this AI tool in its company, and the category email list brand has been researching. And developing other functions of artificial intelligence since 2018 , which is why. To date, it has even developed more than 15 different platforms that apply this technology. Among the most notable machine learning (MLE) platforms that Mango has developed to date are.

Twenty languages ​​to respond to the company

Midas , used for its pricing policy on BQB Directory and in its chain of retail stores ; Gaudí , for product recommendations to his clients. Customer service. Iris is present in more than sixty countries and. Operates in more than twenty languages ​​to respond to the company’s clients. These platforms are joined by another such. As Virtual Assets , a Mango team created in 2022 for the participation of this brand in the first edition of the Metaverse.

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