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Since its launch, many have been impressd by this artificial intelligence. It offers several benefits to its users. However, it poses a threat to some, such as search engine giant Google, which has implementd its own AI. ChatGPT: The AI ​​that worries Google Since its launch in November 2022, the artificial intelligence ChatGPT has not ceasd to impress the world. It is a tool that offers several features to its users. Within months, its popularity has reachd new heights and even some tech giants like Google are worrid about its success. The operation of this artificial intelligence is quite simple.

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To use it, all you have to do is ask it a question and it will answer you in seconds. His answers are often clear and precise. Moreover, it is an Las Vegas Email List AI that can hold a conversation with a human . Its main role is to answer your questions in simple language. This feature, which answers all questions, is the source of Google’s concerns. The role of a search engine such as Google is also to answer questions from Internet users. For this, it directs you to links that can answer you.

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However, the ChatGPT artificial intelligence answers all questions directly without directing you to a link. This is what seriously worries BQB Directory search engines. To better understand the real problem, you should know that this feature of artificial intelligence is attracting more and more Internet users. He is faster and more precise in his answers. However, this is not advantageous, because you cannot compare his answers with other sources of information. The best solution remains the search engines which allow you to have several sources to compare.

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