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These two points are already part of the trends to follow for the years to come, especially with the deployment of 5G. Respectively more than 31 and 23% of respondents believe that it is effective to focus on its sectors. Finally, the last part of this study focusd on the prognoses given by specialists. According to 46% of these, Google will continue to put more emphasis on the quality of content in the future. In addition, sharing on social networks will also be to be accentuatd according to these experts, in order to have a quality SEO strategy! Chart of the future of SEO To conclude This study by Best SEO Companies reveals all aspects of the SEO universe: a sector that will continue to grow.

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Evolve, and which has a big dimension overall in the digital world. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your SEO agency! Its SEO experts will be able to adapt your CFO Email List strategy according to your means, your desires, and the current conditions in terms of SEO.After the first invitations for its beta version, sent to the privilegd last April, Byte has finally decidd to open its doors to the general public. The application that is to succed Vine has great ambitions. However, it arrives in an area where TikTok is perfectly installd.

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Thus, your SMO agency reveals the plans that Dom Hofmann wishes to put in place in order to get his project off the ground. The return of Dom Hofmann BQB Directory More than three years after the end of its adventure (cf: October 2016), Vine sees its concept of videos in loop of six seconds, being revivd by one of its co-founders, Dom Hofmann. He has been working on this project for a while now, he who left the ranks of the team in place on the old application, in 2014, to create his own project (which was at the time, the Peach application.

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