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Remember, for YouTube video lovers and especially creator Amixem , World Of Tanks, a mobile game, has long achievd product placements through influence. Other sectors are impactd by influencer marketing like technology, food, travel, etc. The trends of 2021 The TikTok Bomb It was with the first confinement in France implementd in March 2020 that TikTok broke records. With 96% download growth in 2020 , it’s the platform of the moment.

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Its creative video format generates a certain addiction from users. In addition, there are many influencers already present on other platforms, but we are seeing the appearance of new influencers , appreciatd for their creativity Jewelers Email List and sincerity. The inevitable Instagram For several years, Instagram has been the preferrd social network for influencer marketing . Again this year, the platform is on the rise and remains the most lucrative platform for brands . Indd, with its improvements and the addition of features, Instagram remains the favorite social network for 15-35 year olds . Twitch and livestreaming There are several types of influencer communication that can be done on Twitch.

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For example, there is the shoutout which corresponds to the. Evocation of a brand or a product by the streamer in his live. Also, the unboxing BQB Directory which consists of opening a product or a gift sent by a brand. Its source of funding Eliott Godet, estimates the results of Kadran at 95% for the rate of sale and recovers for 2/3 of the auctions, offers to purchase . In addition, Kadran offers auction packs, starting at 1,500 euros for ten and takes 5% of its client’s fees if the auction is successful. Real estate auctions: what are the advantages? According to Eliott Godet, in the 1 p.m.

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