The operation of websites

Conclusion for travelers: What you hear is not always what you think. It’s the same with SPA pages, so before I go any further, a little digression on what exactly SPA pages are not. Well, not so long ago, websites that present all information on one main page without any subpages became quite fashionable. Of course, they have a menu that somehow follows the user as he scrolls, and clicking on it smoothly takes the user to the selecte section. These pages can usually be recognize by the fact that they are very long. These are pages that you usually have to scroll, scroll and scroll to finally reach the contact form. So THESE ARE NOT SPA SITES. This type of websites are OnePage websites, and while they are nice websites, there are a few shortcomings that, in my opinion, cannot be overcome.

They both annoy each other

The most important “disadvantages” of One Page websites include: These pages are very long and if you want to scroll, you have to get tire. Smooth whatsapp mobile number list page scrolling after clicking on a menu link is not the native behavior that the user expects from clicking. Also, different people react differently to the page scroll spees you set. For some it will be too fast, for others too slow.. These are problematic pages if the company has more to say than 6 slogans about its product or one short sentence of employee characteristics.

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Where clicking takes us to a sub page

Pages with rich content and lots of information BQB Directory don’t like OnePagers and vice versa. Free from this type of shortcomings are traditional websites,, however, their operation is also not what it could be if these pages acte like applications launche on computers. And this is where the SPA technology comes in handy, which perfectly “imitates”on the model of computer applications. I put “imitates” in parentheses on purpose.

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