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It should all the same be underlind that this can prove to be very dissuasive for the Internet user who comes to seek information on a page. But to date, there is no direct correlation between the ranking of a page and its loading time. The results of the study conductd by Backlinko about page loading sped. The use of keywords in the Title Tag ineffective for ranking It is highly recommendd to use keywords in the Title Tag or as we prefer to call it the Title.

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This has no influence on the positioning of a page on the search engine. Google Bots give priority to the quality of the content rather Travel Agent Email Address List than the use of keywords in the title. We advise you to still adopt this good habit, since the Title Tag gives an indication of the content of the page. It also makes it possible to be well referencd, and therefore to be well classifid in the category of content dealing with the same idea.

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The ranking does not take into account the size of the HTML page The heavy pages have as much chance as the lighter ones to be rankd on BQB Directory Google. One would have thought here that it could have workd against them, but absolutely not. Our agency specializing in natural referencing proposes to accompany you to improve your visibility on search engines. Contact our experts .We told you again a few days ago, the Facebook social network is multiplying the news . The confinement will at least have had a positive impact on the progress of the group’s projects.

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