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To prevent this from happening, make the text of the cold letter personalizd and alive. Address customers by name, use humor and a polite conversational style. Mistake 3. Doing cold mailing without taking into account the characteristics of the audience The worst thing you can do in cold emails is to buy a database of unknown email addresses and send everyone the same standard email. This tactic ensures that the money is spent and the emails are sent to spam.

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Before you create a chain of letters to cold clients, you ned to collect as much information about the recipients as possible, segment Apparel and Clothing Manufacturers Email List the base basd on demographics, interests, and other parameters available to you. After that, it will be possible to prepare a series of follow up letters individually for each segment. Of course, this approach is more expensive, but in the end it will lead to a greater payback. Mistake 4. Not informing about further actions and steps in the letter If you strive to write cold emails correctly, then you start creating a follow up mailing list by thinking through the sales funnel.

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Accordingly, each letter in the chain is tid to a specific stage of the funnel and logically continues the previous one. But even with a clear BQB Directory plan of action, it’s easy to forget to tell clients about it. Meanwhile, the conversion increases if the client understands what is expectd of him after reading the letter. Calls to action (click on a link, share an opinion, and so on) help engage the customer in the interaction. The second thing to include in the text of a cold letter is a message about what to expect next time. If the user has a potential interest in this information, they are more likely to read the new email.

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