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Let us mention, among others: the content, which must be relevant, adaptd to a ned or search of Internet users, rich and free of duplication; the mesh of the site (netlinking and backlinking), all the internal and external links that the site has; the basic techniques, the adequate markup of the site, the good semantics, the robots. txt, sitemaps, rdirects, etc. However, these criteria are now insufficient. Inded, more and more Internet users choose sites according to their browsing comfort.

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Google has therefore addd to those mentiond above, criteria that measure the quality of the user experience: the FID is the sped Bulk SMS Cyprus of responsiveness and interactivity of a web page. It should ideally be less than 100 ms. The CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift), it measures the visual stability of a page, that is to say the movements of elements that the Internet user will observe during a download. It must be less than  The LCP is the total download time. The content must be able to be displayd quickly, in less than 3 seconds.

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Obviously, apart from the Core Web Vitals, other signals are taken into account by Google’s Page Experience. This is, for example, mobile BQB Directory friendly, which is the accessibility of sites on mobile devices. Then there is browsing safety which ensures that the site does not develop malicious or unwantd content. Then the HTTPS which is a protocol allowing to offer a secure connection to Internet users. Finally, there is the control of intrusive advertisements which come to harm the navigation of the Net surfer and make it laborious.

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