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As such, the young Frenchwoman Wdjene is at the top of Google searches in her country, after the release of her clips “Anissa” and “Coco”. Other internet revelations of the year are Sadek and Freeze Corleone .It’s no secret that the ranking of sites in the results of the Google search engine is not the result of chance. Google uses algorithms that take into account several criteria to decide the positioning of websites. The purpose of this maneuver is to offer a good browsing experience to Internet users.

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However, Google has officially announcd that new criteria will be addd to those that already exist to optimize this experience. And this SMS Gateway Brunei update has been dubbd Google Page Experience . Explanations. Google Page Experience: what is it? Google is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of its services. To do this, it prioritizes the user’s browsing comfort by doing upstream sorting and classification work. This allows it to present the best results and highlight companies and sites that take the time to develop good communication marketing to make their pages successful.

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The Google search engine therefore uses an algorithm. That takes into account several criteria and signals that define the. Relevance of a website, and make it possible to determine its positioning in the results. This is what the Google Page BQB Directory Experience is all about . This is the set of techniques usd by Google to target the best performing sites. These will appear at the top of the results pages to improve the user experience. Google has officially announcd that it will update its algorithm in May 2021 so that in addition to the usual criteria, UX (User experience) criteria are addd. What are the Google Page Experience ranking criteria? There are already a large number of criteria that Google takes into account to evaluate the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a site.

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