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Meanwhile, our new animal (Power BI): Connects directly to databases (CRM. 1C, Exce) Converts data from an “as is” format to a data model format. Help 1. The data model is several column tables interconnected by logical links. Column tables are a format for storing information (an address is only a column, unlike excel , where an address consists of a column and a row. In this case, the conversion algorithm is performd by a specialist only once.

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Then Power BI remembers this and does it automatically. The result of this is visible every time you click the REFRESH button. All Security and Commodity Brokers Email List changd information is updatd in the data model automatically. Carries out calculations and processing previously incorporatd into the model by a specialist. No formulas will move and the data will not float due to the fact that they were previously brought into the desird format. Help 2. The model stores data in a table format. Each table contains any number of columns with data. It is possible to establish logical links between tables through reference columns.

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An most importantly, with the data, you can additionally perform any calculations that were not previously includd in the model. In BQB Directory this case, the risks listd above are absent. After preparing and processing the data, our young beast drives forms visualizations, or data marts (dashboards). Multiple visualizations can be placd on the same sheet. The main interactivity lies in the fact that slicers (filters) can be specifid for each page with several reports. Selecting one of the report categories changes the slicer – and all visualizations on the sheet change according to that filter.

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