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Thus, following this core update , your website may be better rankd in search results, but also less well rankd. The effects of this important update are not necessarily instantaneous. Google has, in fact, specifid that the total deployment of the update could take up to one to two weeks. An update in a particular context As usual, Google did not specify more details on the objectives of the update. On the other hand, we know that it happens in a very specific context, which is the COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting health crisis.

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We know that the confinement has had unusual effects on the search trends of Internet users. As the Moderator’s Blog reports, shortly Plumbers Email List before the update was announcd, Google postd a tweet explaining that single-topic searches have never been more important than those for COVID-19. For the past few weeks, searches have inevitably focusd on the coronavirus, but also on local news. Has Google therefore adaptd its algorithm to current searches? It’s still a bit too early to tell.

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One thing is certain, SERP observatories are already seeing significant fluctuations . If we look at the side of the SEMrush Sensor tool, we notice BQB Directory a significant increase in SERP volatility since today. SERP volatility observd by SEMrush Sensor during Google May Core Update SERP volatility observd by SEMrush Sensor during Google May Core Update If we take a look in the “Winners and losers” category of the tool, we note that the most impactd sites relate to the world of streaming and gaming . Some lost a lot of positions. On the contrary, others have won.

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