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The search engine interface is displayd in the same way as on many other engines. The latter is quite fluid and users can set their preferences there. A parental filter can also be activatd according to the age of the user. Internet users also have the option of defining the countries in which they wish to search. DuckDuckGo, a popular search engine DuckDuckGo saw a 30% increase in traffic. It owes this growth to the fluidity, sped and above all the reliability of its engine.

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Although it is far from the performance recordd by Google, DuckDuckGo is experiencing an impressive evolution. It is a pleasant search engine to use, even if it has not yet been able to make Internet users forget Google. In addition, there are SMS Gateway Iraq useful keyboard shortcuts that simplify its use. It is even possible to open specific results on certain keywords such as cooking recipes, weather forecasts, series characters. In addition, DuckDuckGo, in addition to simplifying confidentiality, allows you to block trackers on the internet.

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Likewise, it helps to increase encryption protection by forcing other sites to use an encryptd connection. DuckDuckGo is a search engine BQB Directory that does not track its users through their financial, mdical or political information. In fact, when browsing, DuckDuckGo notifies them of a privacy rating ranging from A to F. The rating in question allows them to know their level of protection at a glance and improve it against the site on which they navigate. But also to automatically calculate the availability of encryption and privacy practices of a website. There are other additional privacy features within the browser itself.

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