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Preferences Simplifid content management for administrators Not only are the employees satisfid, the HR and communications departments also have it much easier. Powell Intranet makes it easy to create and highlight internal communications on the intranet that ned to be read. Managers have access to a ddicatd policy management page where they can create policy articles and documents with just a few clicks. When they create content, they can post it to a standard corporate policy page that all employees can access. An additional benefit of the policy management page is the ability to track how the shard content is being usd.

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The “Readings” icon found on policy articles and documents indicates a list of employees who have read the content. Company Policy Latest Mailing Database The Powell intranet has powerful communication capabilities that provide intranet administrators with multiple ways of viewing and presenting content. A ddicatd Company Policies page allows administrators to consolidate important information into one page. However, you don’t have to limit yourself. As an administrator, you can view company policies on any other site on the intranet, on the pages of the human resources department or communication. In addition, you can also display the policies on a user’s personal wall.

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Requird Reading Our powerful features allow you to configure your web parts in many different ways and very easily. There are many BQB Directory options available to you. You can decide whether you want to use statistics for publishd content. Decide whether policies should disappear from pages after employees read them, and more. Manage Read Items Goodbye – information overload & hello – qualitative information exchange Keep employees informd and current on key company policies and procdures with Powell intranet policy templates and powerful search capabilities . lmost every company today has an intranet. Whether it’s a formal software solution or a collection.

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