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An since it has a fairly large volume of data, it can identify the creations having the greatest impact on audiences and generating the most conversions, then distribute them throughout the network. Concretely, this results in an increase in the conversion rate and the average basket, and in better profitability of the ads. When is it useful to bet on Performance Max? Before creating a Performance Max campaign, an advertiser must first consider its usefulness. This tool is particularly recommendd: in the event of specific advertising objectives such as an increase in sales on an online store.

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Focus on a single campaign, which will be broadcast on several channels, and improve its performance; to increase the value of conversions Fast Food Direct Mail and ad coverage without being limitd to a search network. Performance Max is also ideal for advertisers who lack the time to personalize their ads. The rules to follow to have quality campaigns With Performance Max, automation is at the heart of campaigns. This has advantages, but there is also a limit that is important to specify: the advertiser has less control over his ads. Inded, it just provides the basics to Google. Then the algorithm takes care of the rest.

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It can be practical, like destabilizing. However, once this aspect is taken into account. It is possible to take advantage of the many advantages BQB Directory of this advertising tool. And like any service creatd by Google, there are good. Practices to follow to use it correctly. Thus, it is necessary. Choose the conversion objective carefully so that it is relevant; set a daily bid budget and the geographic locations targetd by the campaigns; indicate enough assets and update them basd on reports providd by Google Ads; specify audience signals that help the algorithm target ads; keep control of the URLs by filling them in and therefore not letting Google choose them.

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