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The strategic process is basd on three main elements – strategic thinking, a formal decision-making system, and mechanisms for responding to the emerging business situation. Participants in the strategic process must develop a common understanding of the business, strategy and those hypotheses and assumptions basd on which the strategy is developd. The strategic process is the process of interaction between the owners, key managers and specialists of the organization. It is important to emphasize that those leaders and specialists who will implement it should be directly involvd in the development of the strategy.

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The strategic process should provide an organizational environment. For the development of current decisions that do not lead . To the loss of the integrity of the organization’s actions. In the era of a stable economy, the strategic process was Canadian Hospitals Email List carrid out on the basis of the strategic programming model Strategic programming is planning how the formulatd strategy will best turn the strategic vision into an implementd strategy. In the strategic programming model, the development of a plan and its implementation are carrid out sequentially: strategy formulation: basd on a pre-defind mission and its corresponding goals, alternative strategies are identifid and evaluatd to select.

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The most suitable one the implementation of the strategy. Is carrid out using tactics describd in more detaild and short-term plans. Programs BQB Directory and budgets; each level of plans. Should have a corresponding level. Of budgets by which the plans are implementd. The scheme of strategic programming is shown in fig. 2. Figure 2. Scheme of strategic programming Properly. Carrid out strategic planning equips. The enterprise with a kind of road map. Where the route for further movement is laid, and contributes to the development of individual initiative. In modern conditions, the direct use of strategic programming as the basis of the strategic management process becomes difficult.

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