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A Twitter spokesperson for The Verge What to remember? Jack Dorsey’s social network once again demonstrates that he listens to his community when making big decisions. His idea of ​​deleting these inactive accounts comes from a good intention, and would allow his platform to be healthier. So, if you want to use Twitter in your digital strategy, contact your SMO agency. Its social network specialists will offer you the best solutions in order toLast November, a majority of digital companies complaind about an allegd update made by Google on its algorithm.

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The Mountain View firm rejectd all these accusations, and said it made changes on a regular basis, without necessarily notifying Bulk SMS Sweden webmasters. However, the American company has just admittd on Monday that it had made quite major changes. Your SEO agency will update you on this new information. Late revelations On November 8, SEOs were surprisd, but also and above all, incomprehension in the face of these changes.

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Very quickly, the rumor circulating around the global deployment of Google BERT was nippd in the bud. Inded, John Mueller had reveald during SMX Paris 2019, that the work of the American giant’s teams, on the update of the Google BQB Directory algorithm, was progressing in the right direction, but only for English-speaking searches. He went on to say that Google BERT would only see the light of day on a global scale in several months. However, a month later, the search engine has just officially announcd that it has made an update, calld November 2019 Local Search Update. It was therefore not insignificant to see webmasters in total agreement on the brutal changes undergone, in terms of ranking in Google’s SERP results, during this week of November.

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