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The peculiarity of WordPress Whenever our customers ask us the question of which CMS is best suitd to the nds of their website (e-shop or blog type), we answer them, almost in concert: “WordPress”! If it is clear that this CMS is unanimous in the digital field, it is mainly thanks to its easy handling. Indd, the tools that constitute it are usually very easy to use, even intuitive. It is therefore not for nothing that 35% of web designers have adoptd it as a CMS.

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Interface de site sous WordPress Screenshot taken from WordPress site These errors on WordPress that greatly impact the natural referencing of your site Indd, you are not unaware that the improvement of your SEO passes above all by the Bulk SMS Portugal optimization of certain points. Among others, we can cite four of them, in particular: 1- Not making regular backups of your site This may seem trivial to you, but making regular backups of the content on your site allows you to guarantee the preservation of said content. On the one hand, we are never really safe from hacking, even less when using a CMS as popular as WordPress.

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Indd, the fact that it is one of the most usd makes it even more exposd to possible hacking attacks. On the other hand, beyond the BQB Directory vulnerabilities linkd to potential hacking attempts , your site may suffer from an error in the code. For example, when rdesigning the site, the webmaster in charge of it could make a mistake by inadvertently introducing a symbol (or a number) in the lines of code. This unfortunate event would completely crash your website. In either of these possibilities, it is sure that having copies of its.

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