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Now, we find services such as: promoting your business, through social mdia or digital ads landing page design Customer Relationship Management or CRM in English segmentation analysis, with A/B testing or surveys The development of new services The creation of an e-commerce store and making appointments are launchd this year 2021 by Mailchimp. The big + of these services is that they are free ! At least for basic use . Inded, transaction fees of 2% will be levid on each transaction and two paid formulas will be offerd.

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The first at $10 per month, which will rduce transaction fees to 1.5%, remove the watermark and provide access to support. The Clinical Nurse Specialists Email List second, at $29 per month will rduce transaction fees to 0.5% per order. Why is Mailchimp interestd in e-commerce? CEO Ben Chestnut’s answer is very simple. Inded, he wantd to meet the neds of his customers, who are to add more commercial functionalities to the platform. Of Mailchimp’s 14 million users, nearly 40% are in the commercial sector and more than 60% of them offer services. The benefit for platform customers Ben Chestnut explains.

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When small businesses are starting up, they shouldn’t have to think about what e-commerce software they ned to install. “. They must, according to him, worry about building their brand, selling their products and attracting BQB Directory prospects . An entrepreneur must leave room for his creativity, and the construction of the back office of his site is not one of them. Having turnkey solutions is therefore a considerable time saver for a company. In addition, it is more efficient to have its marketing and sales tools centralizd on the same platform . Inded, Mailchimp users were tird of having to pay for different services on an ad hoc basis when everything should be combind to be more efficient.

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