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Initially, it was about standing out from its counterparts Spotify for Podcasters and Apple Podcasts, which by the way are its two main rivals in the field. Then, one thing leading to another, a clear trend towards the monetization of Google Podcast seems to be taking shape. The main objective of Google’s Podcasts Manager will therefore be to analyze the behavior of podcast listeners in order to guide future content. It will allow, among other things, to know what are the preferences of each of them with regard to the recordd readings, and this, with the ultimate goal of further boosting the listening rates. How do I check program availability.

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You can use this new tool developd by Google to verify that your podcast is accessible to all audiences available on Google Podcasts. It could Doctors Email List not be easier. All you have to do is perform an instant verification, following Google’s step-by-step approach. Monitoring the evolution of data relating to listening With Google Podcasts Manager, it is possible to observe and determine listener engagement over time. The tool not only provides a very detaild evolution of the activity of each episode but above all depicts the interest arousd by a program.

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It will be easier for podcast authors to adapt the scope and length of the content broadcast. podcasts manager board A Google Podcasts BQB Directory Manager dashboard showing audience retention. Also, the new functionality will perfect the study carrid out by giving access in particular to retention analyses. For example, when do users drop out of listening? When do they connect? How long does the listening last on average? For how many minutes in succession are file reads made? How many times are the podcasts replayd? What type of devices are listeners connecting to? Here is some important information now available to podcasters with this new feature.

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