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The worst option is to buy address databases. The effectiveness of such email campaigns is extremely low, there is a high risk of falling into spam, and the percentage of active addresses in these databases is small. A more time-consuming, but ultimately effective way is to collect newsletter subscriptions in a natural way. Forms on the site, chat bots, lead magnets (sending something useful in exchange for an email address), a kind of “closd clubs” with sending special offers to email will help in collecting addresses. Such contacts provide the best indicators.

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They belong to people who are potentially interestd in the offer. 3. Spam Bypass The question of what to do so that mailings do not fall into Chemical Manufacturers Email Lists spam is a big topic for several articles. However, they should be dealt with at the very beginning, otherwise you can very quickly fall under the filters of mail agents. Check email addresses. People may make mistakes when filling out the subscription form or simply enter a non-existent address. You ned to request email confirmation (Double opt-in), as well as from time to time check the entire email database for validity using special services.

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Use email on the company’s domain name. Choose a reliable mailing server that monitors its reputation. Monitor email open rates and click BQB Directory through rates and remove inactive addresses. Write emails that don’t look like spam. Anti-spam filters recognize characteristic words, an abundance of capital letters, and other features of unsolicitd mailings. Do not overdo it with the frequency of letters. Always add an unsubscribe option to your mailing list. Email automation with NetHunt CRM The NetHunt CRM system allows you to fully automate the mailing process.

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