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Upon receipt of the invitation code, the application will prompt you to provide your number and your real identity, even if it does not verify them. You must also choose a username. Nicknames are only offerd to public figures present on the platform. To be a Clubhouse member, you must be over 18 years old. Once your profile is creatd, you can provide the details from your Twitter or Instagram account. You also have the option of writing your biography to introduce yourself.

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You can also complete your profile by adding centers of interest that will serve to better manage your timeline. This part can be modifid SMS Gateway Norway or completd later by accessing your profile settings at the top right of the screen. Once the account is creatd, browsing the social network is simple and intuitive. When the application is opend, 5 icons are available: the magnifying glass which allows you to find people or groups; the envelope with which you can organize invitations and invite other people to join the club. Invitations are limitd, so you really ned to think about who you want to invite; the calendar.

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It helps you find room suggestions basd on the centers of interest, themes and people you follow; the bell alerts you to receivd notifications; profile picture. It allows you to view your profile, modify your information and see the people BQB Directory who follow you. On this platform, it is not possible to have a news fed. Once a room is closd, you cannot get activity history. Usage tips Here are some tips that will allow you to use the platform well and to interact in the discussions. After your registration, the platform will offer you rooms.

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