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Our Waze Ads certifid agency supports you, even during the summer period, to carry out your campaigns on the platform. We will provide you with precise answers to the questions you ask yourself in terms of paid referencing. Get in touch with one of our experts now!The new interface of Bing Webmaster Tools is releasd Par Ruth Moussavou Postd on August 7, 2020 News , SEO Tools bing webmaster tools We already told you a few weeks ago that many alternatives to the Google search engine exist on the web. Among which, we can cite the essential Bing.

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The latter is the second largest search engine and main competitor of Google. Recently, the search engine announcd good news to webmasters Bulk SMS South Africa present on its platform. The deployment of its new interface, ddicatd to providing analytical reports and practical tools for managing their site, is therefore now complete. Bing Webmaster Tools: what is it exactly? To put it as simply as possible, Webmaster Tools is the equivalent of Google’s Search Console. Indd, these are two platforms each set up by a search engine in order to verify that a website is well indexd and that its referencing is as optimal as possible.

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Bing Webmaster Tools Platform Beta Phase Officially Completd Last February, the search engine announcd the launch of the BQB Directory so-calld “beta” test phase on Bing Webmaster Tools. Since then, the entire group team has been able to add elbow grease to the work to improve the user experience of its platform. On its official blog, on July 29, 2020, the box announcd the end of the migration of the new Bing tools . This news also markd the release of the rdesignd interface of the search engine. The new tools are faster and therefore more efficient.

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