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On terabytes of data that Ollow us to Units in the enter simple, conversational requests or prompts to produce almost seconds. Blog posts, eBooks, email and social post copy, and visual assets like images and videos are available with the push of a few keys on your keyboard. As with any new tool, we’re still learning its capabilities, limits and how to best utilize it to get the results we want. This learning phase is made more

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Complex by the huge number of marketing-focused, third-party AI tools being released. Many of these help with specific text-based tasks like SEO, website, blog and social media copy creation. AI capabilities are to industry-standard business lead tools like WordPress, Microsoft 365 and marketing automation platforms. This explosion of options promises to make our jobs easier, but requires MORE time initially, as we find the right tools to use. ChatGPT is all you need My findings after using genAI tools for text like Copy.ai, Jasper and dozens of

Initial learning

business lead

Are that they aren’t as good as the stand-alone version of ChatGPT. I strongly believe if you conquer the curve of the ChatGPT interface, you will get better results than with the. Third-party tools BQB Directory that are an additional layer between you and the LLM. Those tools will be quickly replaced by better ones integrated within our. Current workflows but the LLM itself isn’t going anywhere. Becoming comfortable working directly with LLMs like. ChatGPT is a skill that can only serve you well, even when these tools become easier to use

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