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In the age of overflowing inboxes and fleeting attention spans, crafting a compelling subject line for your follow-up email is crucial.

Subject Savvy

A well-written title can entice the recipient to open your message and ensure your message doesn’t get lost in the digital abyss. Here’s how to add a title to your follow-.

The Power of the Subject Line:

The subject line acts as a first impression for your email. It piques the recipient’s interest and convinces them to open your message. A strong follow-up email subject line should be:

  • Clear and Concise: Briefly mention the purpose Sit still and think about how you want the action of  email without being cryptic.
  • Actionable: If you’re requesting something specific, like a meeting or a response to a previous email, indicate it in the subject line.
  • Personalized: Whenever possible, personalize the subject line by mentioning the recipient’s name or referencing a previous conversation.

Crafting Compelling Titles:

Sit still and think about how you want the action

Here are some strategies to craft effective follow-up email subject lines:

  • Reference the Original Email: Remind the recipient of your initial email by mentioning its subject line or a key point discussed. (e.g., “Following Up on: [Original Email Subject]”)
  • Highlight Value: Briefly mention the value proposition you offer. (e.g., “Streamlining Your Workflow: Solutions from [Your Company]”)
  • Create a Sense of Urgency: If your request has a time-sensitive element, subtly convey it in the subject line. (e.g., “Quick Question Regarding [Topic]”)
  • Ask a Compelling Question: Pose a question that sparks the recipient’s interest and encourages them to open your email for the answer. (e.g., “Did you have a chance to review our proposal?”)

A/B Testing and Refinement:

Don’t be afraid to experiment! A/B test different subject lines to see which ones generate higher open rates. Consider the recipient’s industry and communication style when crafting your subject line.

Over time, you’ll refine

Your approach and identify the titles that resonate with your audience.

Beyond the Title:

Remember, a strong subject line is just the first step.

Ensure your follow-up

Email itself is concise, professional, and reiterates the value you offer.

By crafting effective subject lines, you can increase Business Development Manager Lead Generation at LPL Financial the chances of your follow-up email being seen and responded to.


Compelling titles, and experience the power of well-communicated follow-up communication.

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