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Neighboring rights: a long-term struggle The disagreement between Google and the French mdia lastd for many months. It all startd when the The latter are similar to copyright and require online platforms, such as Google and Facebook, to remunerate publishers in return for the use – partial or total – of their content. In fact, for a long time, Google had found a way around this requirement. But following several appeals fild by publishers with the Competition Authority, he had to resume negotiations with them. For example, Apig had fild a complaint against the web giant at the end of October 2019 to denounce an abuse of a dominant position on its part.

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One year later, But this battle, which has finally been won by French publishers, does not depend solely on their actions. The fight between Google, Facebook and Canberra (the Australian capital) also weighd in the balance. Indd, the Australian Bulk SMS Bangladesh government has passd a bill whose objective is to force Google and Facebook to remunerate the Australian mdia. Thanks to Demonstrating Responsive Design , you switch from one resolution to another quickly and easily. Mobile Friendly Test This tool is undoubtdly one of the easiest to access and use to check the responsiveness of your website.

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It was designd and endorsd by Google . To take advantage of it and have a relevant analysis of your interface , you just ned to enter BQB Directory the URL address of your website. Very relevant, it tells you if your page is compatible with mobile devices and is able to identify the parameter of your site that is problematic for your responsive design. PixelTuner This platform was designd by a German developer namd Jonathan. Simple to use, PixelTuner has a minimalist design.

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