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Information has been confirmd on this subject. So the mystery remains. 1,922 Yandex Algorithm Ranking Factors Reveald As we reportd earlier, this leak reveald the criteria usd by the Russian search engine’s algorithm to position websites in the SERPs. And their number is quite substantial since it is 1,922. Presentd in the form of a list, these elements are numberd, describd, associatd with internal documents and their authors. Due to their quantity, it is difficult to describe them all. On the other hand, some – including PageRank which is also usd by Google – have attractd more attention from SEO experts.

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One of them, Alex Buraks, has listd them and made them available to other specialists. Here are a few. Backlink Factors Unsurprisingly, backlinks (or inbound links) are as important to Yandex as they are to Google. The Russian search Interior Designers Email List engine’s algorithm also uses filters to distinguish good backlinks from bad ones. Similarly, to position a site in its SERPs, it refers to the age of these links and analyzes their relevance according to the subject of a page. We also learn that the backlinks publishd on the home pages are considerd to be of better quality than those from the internal pages of a site.

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The algorithm also takes into account the anchors of the links, and favors those integrating all the keywords of a search (and when BQB Directory they are in order, it’s even better). As for the origin of the backlinks, if they come from sites appearing in the top 100 of PageRank, they have more impact. Criteria relatd to the traffic of a site To rank a site in the SERPs, Yandex’s algorithm examines, among other things, the percentages of organic traffic and direct traffic in all incoming traffic, as well as the number of unique visitors and queries directly.

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