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Spending on social mdia ads has jumpd 20% this year to $84 billion. Meanwhile, spending on newspaper and magazine ads fell 6% to $69 billion. With a share of overall advertising expenditure estimatd at 13%, social mdia ads only see TV advertising and paid search perform better. According to the mdia Zenith, this progress in social mdia Ads is due to a particularly high investment by small and mdium-sizd enterprises (SMBs). The latter have focusd their budget a little more on a strategy around social mdia, in order to take advantage of the targeting and localization capacities of platforms such as Facebook for example.

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Then, the digital advertising sector, as a whole, can thank the growth of the Unitd States, because Europe and Asia sufferd a slowdown. American SMS Gateway Denmark power should contribute almost 50% of the increase in the advertising market. According to information providd by Zenith, in addition to investments by small and mdium-sizd enterprises, household consumption is also a factor to be taken into account. As for other regions such as Europe or Asia, the slow growth can be explaind by several factors.

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Zenith believes that Asia is suffering from China’s economic conflict with the Unitd States; the Middle Kingdom generates a large part BQB Directory of the Asian market, and this trade war with the Americans can partly explain this slowdown in advertising growth. Then, concerning Europe, the decline in growth is less significant but very real: an increase of 6.8% on average for Europe (East, West and Central) against an increase of 4.4% for Asia . Zenith believes that the absence of a major sporting event over the year may be one of the reasons for this loss of growth.

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