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This new measure is a big step towards better respect for the privacy of Internet users. But concretely, what does this imply? And what will be the impact of this decision on the various web players? The nature of third-party cookies and the reason for their replacement Third-party cookies are files that websites store on your computer that contain personal information. Their goal is, in particular, to provide a better user experience by following your journey on several sites. Let’s take an example.

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You visit an online sales site and you add items to your basket. Then, you leave the site without validating your basket. Thanks Bulk SMS Thailand to third-party cookies, the latter will be kept for a certain period of time. And when you visit this site again, your basket will still be available. Thus, you will find your items and can finalize your order if you wish, without having to start all over again (search for products, adding to the basket, selecting the delivery method, etc.). Only, a security problem arises when other malicious sites are able to read these cookies and extract session information from the server.

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There are many possible attacks which are usually preventd by certain cookie attributes. It is also for this reason that the server generally ends its session after the browser is closd (within a period of time). Measures taken by Google BQB Directory As 2021 begins, Google announcd plans to phase out support for third-party cookies – which are often usd to track user journeys – in Chrome over the next few months. The fact that Google is dropping support for them isn’t necessarily a surprise. Inded, the company had made several announcements regarding privacy in Chrome.

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