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 When the marketing is done correctly and long-term, the sales page’s job is only to close the deal. There is no need to use any gimmicky triplets, cliché advertising slogans or a manipulative style. The sales message must be so clear that if a 13-year-old reads it, he will immediately understand what is being sold. How do you fix this? Create a USP for the product and create a sales message from it. 2 | The price is hidden Up to 90% of customers hate the fact that the price is not visible on the sales page .  click themselves to checkout but then leave without making a purchase. This distorts the statistics, making decision-making difficult.

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 If you’re worried that people won’t buy a product because the price is displayed on the front page, the new data problem isn’t the price or how much it is. The problem is that you still don’t know how to tell about the product in such a way that the price loses its meaning. When the customer understands how much help he gets with your product, it doesn’t matter if the price of the product is €100 or €5,000. If the customer wants it, he finds the money and buys. How do you fix this? Add the price clearly below each button.  3 | We play around with the call to action The only function of the call to action is to get the customer to act, i.e. to press the button and go to the checkout.

Sales page Masterclass

The text of the call to action should be consistent and simple so that the action is pleasant to perform. Prompts to action that speak from the customer’s BQB Directory mouth (eg: “Yes! I want to save money and become wealthy” ) work a little worse than those that prompt the customer to act. When the sales page talks “from me to you”, i.e. from the entrepreneur to the customer, suddenly the customer has to turn his attention to himself and “speak with his own mouth”. Your task is to lead the customerby the hand through the entire purchase process. Therefore, the text of action prompts should also be “from me to you”. 

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