What is and what is not AI

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of some machines to develop processes typical of human intelligence . Some of them are: planning, reasoning, creativity and learning. To achieve this, the technology is based on learning called machine learning.

However, it is important to understand that

despite being called Artificial Intelligence, when we talk about this technology we are not talking about intelligence, but about prediction . Although they can simulate human intelligence in some ways, what they actually do is accurately predict and carry out a previously Poland Phone Number Data requested result. For example, human beings have the ability to take information from one source and use it in different ways and in very different fields, so our intelligence is transferable. This does not happen with AIs.


ChatGPT, the best Artificial Intelligence for advertising in Google Ads?

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To this day, ChatGPT is one of the AI ​​models best known by the public. It was created by OpenAI and is based on the latest version of the GPT-4 language model. The objective with ChatGPT was to design a tool capable of giving detailed answers to user questions through a simple and understandable language for the majority . But what has made it really successful is that its access is completely free. Well, although for $20/month you can get ChatGPT plus and increase response speed, as well as access more features, the basics and what allows you to use the tool is open access.

One of the most notable limitations

that we can find in ChatGPT is that it is only trained with data up to 2021 , so subsequent information is unknown to it and in some aspects it could be out of date. In addition, these are some of its BQB Directory most negative aspects:

He does not offer his sources of information and if you ask for them he can give you non-existent and invented urls.
It does not distinguish the truth from a lie , so it can pass off unreal information as true.

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