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Many talk to us about success, they sell us courses on how to achieve the desired success, how to sell more, how to attract clients quickly and much more… But what is success? Could it be that the success they talk about is what you need? Hello cracks, today I come with a mini-post. Many of you will know that my website has been down for a few months, changing websites is not always easy and sometimes it seems that we make mistakes. What really That will never be known, only the future will tell, what is clear is that if you don’t take that step, you will never know…

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No longer just the problem of the change, now the Chinese have come and hacked me. WTF!!! What are you telling me crack? Yes, it seems that the website looked good executive data and they wanted to layout it a little more We are trying to fix it with the help of good professionals, and when it is done I will tell you first-hand, because I think it could be useful to you. Sometimes we think that WON’T HAPPEN TO ME, and we neglect this delicate issue. I tell you, YES it can touch you! Be attentiveā€¦ But let’s get to the topic of today’s post. While I was here creating my presentation for tomorrow’s OMexpo 2017 listening to one of my favorite groups Nirvana and all screwed up in the head trying to create something cool so as not to repeat the same old presentation…

What really know

What I’m talking about . It’s not easy to think about creating something when your head. Is on other problems and you feel disappointed with what is happening BQB Directory to your project, when you see it plummeting and you can’t seem to stop it… And suddenly it came to me. head something in another direction. And I asked myself : What is success for me? Is what’s happening to me really that important? Or it is a feeling created by society, where they tell you that if you do not reach those desired numbers you are not successful, you are not happy, you do not feel fulfilled…I hope to help you also make that reflection, many times it is important to get out of that depression that we enter and do not see a light.

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