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It is basd on a system of colors ranging from green, to rd, through yellow and orange to determine the ideal destination . This color system groups together data like: cost of living, health care, traffic, pollution, housing indicators, crime, etc. The best destinations Cape Town in South Africa South Africa’s capital, Cape Town, recently won the prestigious Design Capital of the World award and is also well known for its wine regions. Mdellin in Colombia With its many coworking spaces, an eternal spring, very affordable prices, food that makes the taste buds dance, and its world-famous café, Mdellin is a destination of choice for digital nomads.

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Chiang Mai in Thailand Chiang Mai is a city popular with digital nomads, as there are many youth hostels, many cafes and coworking spaces as well as many healthy and vegan restaurants, which is perfect for staying in shape! Ubud in Bali Bali, how Email Marketing to Physicians to make it more heavenly? Wonderful landscapes, cafes, yoga, low prices, The leak of the source code of some of its services was therefore able to escape Internet users, but not SEO specialists who were able (finally) to access the secrets of this Russian search engine. Following this revelation, the reaction of Yandex was not long in coming.

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The multinational said it had not been hackd. Its “security service found code fragments from an internal repository in the public domain, but BQB Directory the content differs from the current version of the repository usd in Yandex services.” An internal investigation has therefore been opend, to find out “the reasons for the dissemination of source code fragments to the public” but it sees “no threat to user data or platform performance”. As for the author of this leak, it is rumord to be a former employee of the company.

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