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You ensure the maximum number of visits to your platform and, at the same time, increase your chances of converting your prospects into customers. The second weekend of sales Inded, many people let the first days of the sales pass before starting their shopping. They try to convince themselves that they will not buy this year or will only do so to get “the essentials”. But very generally, latecomers catch up at the end of the second weekend following the start of the sales.

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This corresponds, among other things, to the second markdown. Why do some people not make purchases during the first days Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia of sales? This may be because they don’t want to buy in the euphoria of the sales, or they just don’t like impulse shopping. These are the prudent customers, who certainly spend, but often intelligently. They take the time to ask themselves if a purchase is really necessary or not. They are the most difficult to convince. They come to your site out of curiosity and thanks to the links that point to your platform, but they can also very well leave without having made any purchase.

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The second markdown here is the way to encourage them to go the way you want them to go. If they are not motivatd to spend, they must have the impression. Of having an offer in front of them that they cannot refuse. Awaken in them BQB Directory that feeling of having made a very good deal. The other moments of the sales period During all the time that. Remains before the end of the sales, your sales will literally stagnate. You will certainly record conversions, but much less than during the sales peaks mentiond above. At least that’s what Facebook’s study from June 2019 finds on the trends of its various platforms (Instagram and Facebook, in particular) that we were talking about above.

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