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Everything must remain consistent with the brand image. The objectives of a communication podcast The podcast makes it possible to deliver messages by the simplest and easiest means of use: language. In an effective marketing strategy, it can be exploitd for much more desirable purposes. This was the case, for example, of the France Culture podcast. Its concept? Share so-calld “native” podcasts, that is to say, exclusively designd for the web. Those of France Culture concern mini documentary series. Listeners adhere completely and continue to multiply downloads.

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Yet another example, that of Axa. Inded, the insurance brand Axa has launchd a podcast entitld “Question of trust” . This one Nursing Homes Email List already has 9 episodes today. Axa sets up a strategy that it deploys between 15 and 20 minutes through question-and-answer dialogues. Its target: individuals. Twice a month, the podcast offers a new episode to its listeners. Reach a new audience, reach a new target In all communities, the podcast has made its way. Each podcast deals with very specific themes. Whether it’s news, celebrity fashion, social facts or life experiences, any area can be the subject of a podcast.

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No matter where you come from, what social class you belong to, what profession you exercise or what generation you are, this type BQB Directory of format will certainly speak to you. It tends to standardize the audience. Podcasters are certainly people in their own right, but they are followd, listend to, above all for their voice and what it represents. There are no social barriers here. Unlike visual content which can for example be tackld with discrimination against certain categories of people in particular. With visual memory, to hit a target, it had to feel more or less representd.

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