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Abusive comments. This is the section where users who are victims of harassment are most targetd. To do this, the measures taken for the two previous scenarios will also be usd to try to rduce them. YouTube was already very active before deploying this new stricter system, with these 16 million comments deletd in the last quarter. … in cooperation with the creators In order to implement these new measures, Google’s video platform wantd to gather different points of view: creators, subject experts, The most notable new measure is that YouTube now warns creators about potential inappropriate comments.

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Inded, if the doubt is present, the responsibility lies with the YouTubers; the latter will have the possibility of moderating these Bulk SMS Germany comments and of deleting them thanks to this management tool. Although YouTube continues to install this default setting over time, starting on channels where the comment sections are most active, ending on all YouTube channels. The first results of this initiative are promising: we note that there are 75% fewer reports from YouTubers on their channel.

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The work for the video platform is now to study the case of critical comments; their system should not confuse negative fedback with BQB Directory abusive fedback. What to remember? Google’s video platform tries by all means to best protect its community, which is the most important element of its success. Content must be of high quality, and American society cannot convey values ​​that lead to controversy. YouTube wants to involve users in order to help it in its fight for a healthier network whether private individuals, creators or officials, everyone can bring their stone to the building.

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