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It is suitable for top-down communication Another reason why executives prefer SharePoint is that it allows them to communicate with different groups of employees in the company. Traditional SharePoint intranets are designd for top-down information dissemination . Corporate leadership can rely on SharePoint to communicate important company-wide updates . It is a central place for sharing and storing information and documents SharePoint was developd to enable users to manage and store all documents in one central location.

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You can control access to documents, invite others to collaborate, and control how members share content. It ‘s also easier to find database documents thanks to features like metadata and tagging . As long as you have a strong organizational structure , it shouldn’t take too long for each person to find what they ‘re looking for . It allows employees to access information from anywhere Many companies store their documents on their servers, as is the case with SharePoint On- Premise.


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However, the problem with this is that people only have access to the documents from the office . SharePoint Online, on the other BQB Directory hand, is a cloud-basd platform that allows employees to access files from anywhere, while robust data encryption ensures your data remains secure . It promises greater security With the increasing number of data breaches, security is an important consideration for an enterprise software today , and SharePoint meets this requirement . The system has very good security features that rduce the risk of failures and unauthorizd access.

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