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This is reminiscent of the Kobe Bryant accident following which Internet users stormd Google to find out more. On a happier note, the release of the PlayStation 5 unleashd passions. Everyone wantd to know its price and features. In France, the news revolvd around the above-mentiond elements, but also around Roland Garros and the certificate of movement on Smartphone . The most searchd news of 2020 Several highlights were at the heart of the news in 2020.

Transactions Are Meticulously Analyzed

There is no ned to mention the American elections again. The same is true for the current pandemic and the daily update of the victims, elements Bulk SMS Colombia that have continud to be the subject of research until now. In France, the marital escapades of Benjamin Griveaux occupid the daily life of Internet users. Research on the repeatd interventions of Jean Castex and Olivier Véran completes the list. Who were the most searchd personalities in 2020? We can say that 2020 will have been a rather unique year. Various personalities have distinguishd themselves on the international scene.

Surveillance To Combat Fraud All

Unsurprisingly, the former spokesperson for the presidency, Benjamain Griveaux , comes first. His escapades and subjective videos BQB Directory have propelld him to the top of the list of searches on Google, mainly in France. Then we have new US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Jean Castex . It must be said that by dint of seeing them on television, the French have askd themselves questions. The earthy North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson complete this top 5. Research on the eternal.

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