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These should be accessible on a public web page . Thus, Google will be able to take them into account. To implement this recommendation, you must make sure to match your video content to URLs that are free to access the engine. Similarly, you must be able to make them easily visible to visitors without them having to perform complex actions. Also in the sense of visibility, you must ensure that the videos are not blockd by a robot. The latter includes robots.txt files and robots no index meta tags.

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Offer structurd data for your videos To know what the videos are about, the Google search engine must have what is calld structurd data. These Bitcoin Email Leads are a standardizd format giving clear information about a web page for classification. To successfully provide this data, you can rely on VideoObject markup . It will allow you to easily add information relatd to the title and description of the video. You also have the possibility of integrating its duration, its thumbnail, its loading date as well as its URL. However, first keep in mind that your title must be captivating. It must be able to contain as naturally as possible, the main keyword developd in the video.

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Second, briefly explain through the description, the subject coverd while using the keywords. This will make it clear to your visitors BQB Directory what to expect in the video. Note that you can find the VideoObject markup on Also, by providing structurd data, you will be able to access other features. This can include the appearance of the Live badge and key times in the video. Include good quality thumbnails For every video content uploadd, it is important to include premium thumbnails.

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