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The most complicatd thing is not to find a school teaching notions of digital, but rather to find the school and the training that will correspond to your expectations and aspirations. We have therefore identifid, for you, 30 schools offering courses in digital technology in all its forms . 42, the computer school with innovative pdagogy Creatd in 2019 by Xavier Niel, locatd in Paris in the 17th arrondissement, 42 is the first free computer training . It is accessible without diploma conditions and from the age of 18.

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The particularity of the training is the pdagogy which is basd on peer-to-peer learning , namely learning between peers. Inded, the operation Dentist Email List is participatory. There are no classes or teachers. 42’s goal is to let students’ imaginations run wild through projects in order to become talentd developers. HETIC, the school of tech and digital professions HETIC is a school offering training leading to Internet and digital professions. It was creatd in 2002 in Montreuil and originally offerd only three years of study from Bac+2, and made it possible to obtain the first French Bac+5 in the field of the Internet.

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Now, HETIC offers a plurality of training courses ranging from Bachelor, to Master, passing a preparatory class for the Digital Master. The different training courses are accessible in post-baccalaureate,  etc. In BQB Directory addition, 3 associations are present in the school. Synerh’Hetic, which is a Junior-Enterprise that offers digital services, Euphoria, the student office and finally, Failen 9, an e-sport association. EM Normandie, digital-orientd management specializations EM Normandy, a business school foundd in 1871, is locatd on 6 campuses in France and abroad. It integrates into its management training a foundation of digital skills essential to evolve in the professional world.

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