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However, over time, users will focus much more on target parameters, including: the model the framework the synergy between model, framework, chip and application. Finally, the CEO of Baidu explains that taking these new criteria into account will be fundamental. This is going to be responsible for changing the rules of the game in the cloud computing market . A project that faces censorship from China As Baidu lifts the lid on its plans with its own ChatGPT, it also has to deal with censorship from China.

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In reality, this is a measure that applies to any generative artificial intelligence product that becomes active in the territory. To enforce Canadian Hotels and Motels Email List this censorship, Chinese regulators have taken certain steps. According to the Nikkei Asia platform , they orderd the blocking of access to ChatGPT to the country’s technology managers. For these regulators, chatbots could give “uncensord answers” ​​to politically sensitive questions. Therefore, Baidu will have to warn the authorities before launching its own ChatGPT. Baidu outclassd by.

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Microsoft which has just integratd its ChatGPT While Baidu seeks to develop its own ChatGPT, Microsoft has already precdd it by integrating it into its search engine, Bing. Namd Prometheus, this great language model basd on GPT 3.5 allowd BQB Directory Microsoft to present its new version of Bing. This offers Internet users the ability to ask questions in natural language . When displaying results, the search tool presents two interfaces. The first is responsible for displaying traditional search results on the left and a response from the model on the right. At the same time, the second interface offers a “chat” mode, a bit like what ChatGPT already allows. To develop this project, Microsoft investd ten billion in Open AI.

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