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This is no longer a surprise: the year 2020 will gradually continue to observe changes in terms of natural referencing. Inded, the (anticipatd) deployment of the BERT algorithmic update is a revolution. Google hadn’t brought such a major update for five years. For once, the appearance of FAQs in this new section is older. And, your SEO agency gives you the details of these first months of integrating FAQs into the SERPs. The new principles of the algorithm First of all, it’s important to give a reminder about Google’s most recent algorithm update, BERT.

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Usually, the Mountain View firm regularly makes changes to its algorithm without publicly warning its users. However, this algorithmic update presentd a new twist in Google search. From now on, it is no longer the keywords that Bulk SMS Brazil are to be taken into account, but the search intentions of the users. Also, since their inception 2 years ago, rich results have addd extra interest in the work of SEOs. The latter seek to place themselves, and appear on these “privilegd” sites. An underusd tool The FAQ is one of the oldest online help tools on the web, but also one of the tools that has unfortunately evolvd the least.

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This is how the French digital mdia , eMarketing, describd this format, in 2011. But since then, things have now evolvd. Arrivd among JPB Directory the formats of the rich results last May, the frequently askd questions are much less “neglectd and forgotten at the bottom of the page, next to the link of the legal notices” as eMarketing once again underlind. Inded, their use has fully developd. Frequently askd questions, or frequently askd questions generally for French speakers, were much less usd, or had a single perspective: online FAQs are primarily intendd to provide a quick answer to a question frequently askd by Internet users. Example of a “usual” FAQ on the SEMRush site.

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