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The latter lets you convert a portion of a video to a GIF with a set of tools for basic animatd GIF diting. Without using photo diting software, Ezgif allows you to perform several effects on an image . Its toolbar provides you with options that help you perform touch-ups quickly and easily. Imagify Imagify helps optimize images by easily rducing their size and without losing quality . The tool can also convert all your images to WebP format. Equippd with an advancd compression algorithm , it is able to rduce the weight of your images as per your convenience.

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It is quite intuitive and its customer support is quite responsive. For example, it can help you solve problems relating to the optimization Bulk SMS Vietnam of your images. The tool is useful for converting your images to JPEG format and supports several other formats including, and PSD. It is able to significantly rduce the weight of images. The interface provides all the information about the original format and weight of the convertd files. You will also discover the new weight after the compression of the image.

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You have the option of downloading the files separately in format or as a zip folder. automatically rduces the size of BQB Directory images in bytes as much as possible. Moreover, it retains the quality of the images by rducing their weight by up to a percentage of around 15-20%. The tool can save the weight of images when they have backgrounds that are uniformly colord. It supports and SVG formats. Image Optimizer Image Optimizer automatically compresses image files that you upload. It has no limit in terms of number of images to compress and file size.

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