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We have already launchd internal pilots with MUM and are excitd about its potential to improve Google products. » Google BERT, an already outdatd algorithm? Launchd in October 2019, BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), currently makes it possible to provide ever more relevant results to Internet users’ searches. Before the use of BERT by Google, keywords were taken individually without necessarily creating links between them.

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BERT made it possible to take the sentences as a whole while taking into account the context. This algorithm already works with a part Christian Churches Email List of artificial intelligence, because it is basd on a neural network that processes natural language. MUM will shake up BERT by offering high technologies This change in algorithm was born from a simple observation: Internet users ned, on average, eight searches on the famous search engine, to accomplish complex tasks, for example, the fact of wanting to plan a family outing.

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Will allow Internet users to have an answer to requests that are currently very difficult to process. The example that Google gave when BQB Directory announcing MUM is ” I hikd Mount. Adams and I want to hike Mount Fuji next fall, what should I do differently to prepare. Currently, Google could help the user, but it would require a lot of thoughtful. Research you would have to research the altitude. Of each mountain, the average temperature in autumn, the difficulty of the hiking trails, the equipment to be usd, etc. After some research, you will eventually get the answer you ned. With this new super powerful algorithm, any request of this type, formulatd to Google, will be able to obtain a much more satisfactory answer than before.

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