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What SpaceX wants, and to allow everyone to have a very high sped Internet connection without having to go through terrestrial infrastructures , which considerably rduces the latency time. The advantages for the parties “Combining Starlink’s high-sped, low-latency network with Google’s infrastructure and resources will give organizations around the world the secure, fast connection they expect,” said Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO. from Space.

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We are proud to work with Google to provide this access to businesses, public sector organizations and many other groups around the world,” she addd. The advantage of this collaboration for SpaceX is obviously to increase and Furniture Manufacturers Email List in USA have the best network coverage in the world . On the Google side, it is the vice president in charge of Google Cloud infrastructure, Urs Hölzle, who is delightd with the partnership and guarantees that it will allow customers “smooth, secure and fast access to the applications and services they ned to keep their teams afloat.

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For Google, the main advantage of this association is to offer a better quality connection for its cloud service. The race for cloud services With the start of the Covid-19 health crisis and the democratization of telework, the clouds have BQB Directory become essential in order to share data between employees, instantly. It is then a race for the best cloud that takes place between the computer giants. Inded, since the beginning of 2020, competition has intensifid between the clouds, in particular between Amazon Web Services , Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. However, Google Cloud is behind the first two . This, Google has understood and that is why it has partnerd with Starlink to ensure its extension and establish its power. This new service, offerd by these two IT and space giants, will be presentd and accessible.

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