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A goal in which ‘Maximize Conversions’ is a winning formula. “We achieved an impressive 64% reduction in CPA, exceeding our own expectations and placing us comfortably below our targeted CPA.”Lisa, Mango’s new conversational generative AI platform, arrives in the world of fashion Andrea Mut Written by Andrea Mut October 4, 2023 at 12:21 SHARE Twitter This platform will help Mango employees and partners and improve everything.

Be another of the companies that invests

From collection development to the company’s after-sales service. One industry email list of the Spanish groups in the fashion industry, Mango , has wanted to be another of the companies that invests in new technologies , such as artificial intelligence . For this reason, in recent months it has opted to advance its digitalization process, launching its own internal conversational generative AI platform under the name Lisa .

The implementation of this AI aims

In less than nine months, Mango has been able to launch its BQB Directory generative AI platform Lisa, which uses different models, both private and open source, to the market . The implementation of this AI aims to improve Mango’s collection development and after-sales service in its commitment to the digitalization of its services and the life cycle of the industry’s main information assets: customer, points of sale, stock and product .

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