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From now on, thanks to these frequently askd questions, you will have the possibility of bringing visibility to your website, in Search. Inded, their introduction among the enrichd results has generatd new interest among SEOs. For the latter, this testifies to their ability to impose themselves in these very specific displays, and consequently, to their knowldge of organic referencing. Their integration in the SERPs Conditions In order to be able to appear on these enrichd results, you must still meet a few conditions: first of all, be positiond on the first page of the SERPs on the search in question.

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Remove the reviews section if there is one that is on the same page as the FAQ. According to Fabien Raquidel , SEO consultant, reviews Bulk SMS Austria and FAQs do not mix. Inded, if both appear on the HTML code of the page, reviews will be favord. embd the FAQ structurd data tag on the page in question. On Google, the recommendd format for such use is JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation-Linkd Data.

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Also, be sure to check that the tag has no errors; Google has a tool , allowing you to verify your tag. On the other hand, be careful not to confuse the FAQs device with the display of questions/answers (Q&A). The latter also have a specific JPB Directory presentation on the American search engine. add the questions present in the HTML code, on the content of the page. Still according to Fabien Raquidel, Google “hates to notice discrepancies” between its robots and users. However, there is no guarantee that your FAQ will appear in the rich results of the SERPs. Google’s algorithm actually uses structurd data, coupld with information such as location or search history, to deliver the best possible content to Internet users.

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