The future of B2B sales is hybrid

In previous articles I have talked to you about the evolution of B2B sales towards digital, thanks to the acceleration caused by COVID and based on specific studies. That is, in data that supposedly reflects reality. And I say supposedly because if we look at the Spanish SME, especially the small ones, it is something that does not fit at all. Before we get into this, let’s look at the data. These data indicate that the changes to be made by B2B companies to adapt to the new reality of sales are clear (and are based on a study carried out in 12 countries, including Spain ): B2B companies need to go digital. The adaptation and growth strategy involves omnichannel . So far everything is very generic and, for an SME, far from its reality. My feeling is that something sounds familiar to them that they should be doing (and in part they are doing), but that their daily lives do not allow them to carry out.

Why should Spanish B2B SMEs digitize and what does it mean for them?

Digital transformation, digitization,… are things that we have been hearing for years and that SMEs are clear about and are trying to carry out. We are in 2022 and the need to have a digital strategy is obvious for the vast majority of companies. But why should a B2B SME digitize? The first is because your client is searching for you online and they need to adapt to this reality to give you the best possible industry email list service. Before, during and after becoming your client. COVID has meant that the needs of your clients, especially in B2B, have evolved towards digital. And in the specific case of B2B, the sales model has changed. It is not that it is a trend that we should start to adapt to what is coming. The reality is that our B2B customers want to interact with us through traditional and digital channels . In short, companies must digitize to continue selling .

Hybrid B2B Sales Strategy

We are clear about the two levers of change for an SME: digitalization and omnichannel. But how can an SME start applying this? What is the role of the Internet in the B2B sales process in an SME? Before the hybrid sales model, let’s see what the basis of digitalization is in terms of sales. Generally their role is that of a lead generator. In most cases BQB Directory the sale is closed through a series of meetings and offers. The engine that generates these sales opportunities for us is the digital marketing strategy that I mentioned. In most companies this is something that is under development, but needs to be improved. It is something that I have discussed on this blog on occasion and that you have surely read on many other sites. So I am not going to develop this article there so as not to lengthen it excessively.

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