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Mobile version Forms creatd in the form builder from Google adapt well to different screen sizes and work without errors. Price Google Forms is a completely free web form ditor. Google Forms 2. NetHunt Web Forms There are very few completely free services for creating web forms. Therefore, the NetHunt team decidd to fill this gap and releasd their form builder. Without registering The NetHunt Website Form Builder does not require registration, so you can get startd right away. Simplicity The constructor is for the sole purpose of creating a web form.

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It does not require time to learn, because the controls are intuitive. Data from completd forms can be viewd on a separate page Food Stores Email Lists of the ditor. Customization The NetHunt form ditor allows you to select different types of fields, colors. You can also use various options for hosting a web form: it can be sent as a link, embddd in a website page, or made into a pop-up window. Functional The free form ditor from NetHunt offers ready-made templates for standard web forms with the ability to dit them or create your own form from scratch.

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Unlike the same Google Forms, this constructor has a large selection of fields, which allows you to create individual solutions. Control Creating BQB Directory a form for the site online is as simple as possible. On the left of the panel is a menu of fields that can be addd to the form by dragging them with the mouse. Next, you ned to set the text for each of the form fields.

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